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Hack your habits so they don’t hijack your success!

I’ll work with you, as a trained life coach, to see what works for you. More and more entrepreneurs and business leaders are using neuroscience to give them the edge. With the right guidance, and the right strategies and structures in place, you’re capable of great things.

Strange to think that the most amazing thing about you is hidden from view. Using the latest developments in neuroscience, I coach through the prism of the brain, empowering you to operate from your higher brain region, your CEO brain.

A better understanding of your own thought patterns and brain health will impact everything you think, feel, and do.

Your CEO brain – aka your prefrontal cortex (PFC) – is the most advanced region of your brain. It’s responsible for much of your higher-level thinking: creativity, innovation, compassion, logic, planning, awareness of bias, regulating emotions, and more.

It’s also notoriously fuel hungry, using a staggering 20% of your body’s energy. Negative thinking, worrying, and multitasking all deplete its resources.

Scheduling breaks at the right time, giving yourself moments in the day to rest and reflect, and keeping a close eye on diet will all supercharge your wellbeing and productivity, while giving you a greater sense of control over your day.


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What are the Benefits?

Reduce Stress

Increase concentration, creativity and productivity

Improve decision making and problem solving

Develop memory, mindfulness and mental resilience

Enhance relationships, in both your personal and professional life

Live and lead with greater clarity and conviction